Registration and Consent Paperwork

These forms are here for your convenience.  It is recommended clients complete them prior to the intake session, as it will expedite the intake process; however, forms will be provided for you in the reception area as well.

Optional Documentation

** For couples, please complete one questionnaire for each individual or indicate for whom you are answering questions on a single questionnaire.**

Fee Information

Jennifer Byrnes, LPC is paneled with the following insurance company:


Carefirst Blue Cross and Shield

(PPO and Federal plans only)

** Note for Couples and Family Counseling: BCBS does not allow billing for 60 minute sessions.  As 45 minutes is rarely enough time to complete a couples/family session, couples/families participating in counseling and using insurance will be required to pay for the remaining 15 minutes out of pocket.  Please reach out with any questions you might have regarding this.**

Jennifer Byrnes, LPC is considered an "Out of Network" provider for many other insurance companies.  This means that clients self-pay for their sessions but there is a possibility of insurance reimbursement depending on each client's specific insurance plan.  However, reimbursement cannot be guaranteed.  Clients who wish to bill their insurance company for services received will be given the necessary paperwork, a "Superbill", completed by the therapist for submission to the insurance company.

There are many benefits to clients who do not use insurance to cover the cost of therapeutic services.  The primary benefit is that there is no third party involvement, which provides additional privacy for clients.  Further, no diagnosis is required when insurance billing is unnecessary, and some individuals wish to participate in therapy without a label that may or may not affect the course of treatment.  I'm happy to discuss clients' individual needs and how paying our of pocket may benefit them.

Session Fees

  • Individual Intake Session- $175 for 60 minutes

  • Individual Sessions- $150 for 50 minute session

  • Couples/Family Intake Session- $200 for 60 minutes

  • Couples/Family Sessions- $175 for 60 minute session

  • Clinical Supervision- $150 for 50 minutes

***Longer session times are available on a case by case basis.  Please speak to me directly regarding fees for these services.